Professionals services


  • The newspaper and digital Transactions magazine in which you can put a line of sight with a presentation of your services and contact information
  • An insert in our website Relation Canada International with the description of your services, including 1 photo and logo to attract customers. 


  • Referenced in this website and be seen by our dealers and customers, our visitors
  • Special rates for your ad 
  • Find new leads 
  • Increase awareness of your services or your business

Our custumers     

  • They are executives or contractors, retirees and young graduates with incomes above the average.
  • They spend a lot but they are savvy consumers. 
  • Open to the world and on others, we also make deals with people who are in action. 
  • Women and businessmen from all age groups 
  • Investors and Business Owners 
  • Professional associations and their members 
  • Chambers of Commerce and their members 
  • Companies import-export 
  • Students of all levels 
  • Financial Institutions 
  • Provincial and federal institutions. 
  • Local, provincial, national and international markets. 
  • Visitors, buyers and sellers, all may be interested.

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